Visualizing Recreation Above the Clouds

Visualizing Recreation Above the Clouds

Topping out the Woodland Aquatic Center and using our virtual model to show community members the full picture.

Last month, we gathered with the Woodland Aquatic Center project team and community members to celebrate the topping out of the new center for the City Above the Clouds. Representatives from the City along with project team members from Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture and Adolfson & Peterson Construction got together to sign the last structural beam before it was put in place and were joined by a few elementary classes who walked over from the school to take part in the celebration. Mayor Nick Levy made a short speech, and from the excitement of the crowd, it was evident that the Woodland Park community cannot wait for their new aquatic center!

The new facility will be an important addition to the community, and BRS has been using new imaging technologies to showcase the design and construction of the project, and help the City with fundraising efforts for the addition of a water slide. 

Our designers brought along our newest intern, Tanner Lopez, to showcase our virtual reality model of the project. Community members got to walk around the project being built while seeing what the finished building and views would look like on screen. These models will be used to excite and inform potential donors with a more experiential way of understanding the opportunity for the future center.

Slated for completion later this summer, the project will open its doors to an excited community ready to experience the pools in real life!

A packed parking lot full of excited community members.


Team members Daniel Matoba, Ken Berendt, Sarah Fischer and Carrie Heimmer leave their mark.

VIP's get their chance to sign off on the project.

And explore the building in virtual reality. 

In addition to regular photos taken during Construction Administration to document the process and help work through any issues that come up, BRS Associate Carrie Heimmer has been taking 360 degree photos of the project (along with its amazing views). Check out the full 360 view of the exterior here.

And click here to read more about how BRS is using digital imaging technologies to bring our clients' visions to life!


Posted on March 14, 2017 at 10:47am

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