Arvada Police Department Community Stations

Arvada, Colorado

Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture completed a planning workshop in 2009 to develop a prototypical police substation for the Arvada Police Department. Three high-performing stations were developed with an innovative community-focused approach.

LocationArvada, Colorado

ClientCity of Arvada


CategoryOther, Certified Sustainable

SustainabilityLEED Gold

Square Footage9,000
(Per Station)


This approach is consistent with overall population trends within the city and with the police department’s commitment to working closely with and being accessible to the community it serves and protects. BRS worked on three Arvada Police Department Community Stations – Lake Arbor, West Woods and Whisper Creek.

Each high-tech, 9,500 square foot building includes an expansive lobby area with seating and a front desk/control point, several offices, a community room, a conference room, interview rooms, locker rooms with showers, evidence and equipment storage, shared and private break rooms, and a fitness area. The inviting lobby features large windows that wash the room with daylight, elegant beetle-kill pine accents around the front desk, pendulum lighting and stained, polished concrete floors.

The community stations are the product of the Arvada Police Department's new decentralized, community-based policing model. According to the department's website, the model "embraces a new way of organizing the department to make it more fluid, collaborative, networked and responsive to the community." Open 24 hours, these buildings give residents access to a community room free of charge and help change the attitudes towards police.

All three facilities have received LEED Gold certification for sustainable design and energy efficiency.

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