Yellowstone National Park Canyon Village Lodging Redevelopment

LEED Gold Lodging at Yellowstone

The Canyon Village Lodging Redevelopment Plan replaces the 410 obselete, cabin-style lodging units (constructed in 1957) with an equal number of units consolidated into five larger buildings, to be built in the g rand lodge tradition of the National Park Service. A new registration building will be constructed, and circulation and parking will be improved. Currently, the site area for the outdated cabin units is well over 28 acres. Development will be consolidated in a 14.5-acre site area with bulk of the park area being restored to its natural condition.

The new lodging would be developed in two phases designed to serve visitors in the summer season only. Phase 1 will include three new lodge buildings with 252 units, while Phase 2 will complete the lodging development with 158 units for a total of 410 units. Each lodge will include guest accommodations, lounge spaces, meeting spaces, laundry facilities and office space. The total accommodation mix will have three types of units, including 60 budget rooms with common baths, 340 standard rooms, and 10 deluxe two-bedroom units.

The project will be constructed with modular factory-built construction and assembled at the site to accommodate the short construction season and harsh winter environment. Exterior materials will include natural stone, wood-shingle siding and heavy timber construction reminiscent of the historic Old Faithful Lodge in Yellowstone National Park. The interiors will feature a finished rustic lodge appearance with wood wainscot and trim, large window areas and beamed ceilings. Many of the rooms tuck into cozy dormer spaces, lending a unique character to each room. Four of the five buildings are LEED Gold certified, and the fifth is LEED Silver.

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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


  • National Park Service
  • Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Inc.




Fall 2016 (Estimated)

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