Yellowstone Heritage & Research Facility

Feasibility Study

The Yellowstone Heritage and Research Facility was master planned for the next 100 years. It may sound improbable that planning for 100 years of storage would be necessary, but the current vast collection of historic artifacts will only continue to grow. There is fear that many artifacts will be lost to deterioration due to inadequate storage facilities. We master planned for a 100-year buildout with a 40,000-s.f. archival and research facility being designed to anticipate storage for 50 years.

It will include the spaces necessary to store historic artifacts ranging from stage coaches and old tour buses to documents from the fire of the late 1980s. Natural artifacts such as vegetation will also be stored and available for research. A portion of the facility will be given over to visitors and display, but its primary purpose will be the archiving of cultural and natural artifacts and scholarly research.

Project at a Glance


Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming


National Park Service - Denver Service Center


40,000 s.f.


Study: 2003

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