Windsor Community Recreation Center Expansion

An intergenerational destination for residents.

Barker Rinker Seacat’s charge was to look at the possibility of expansion in several areas for the Windsor Community Recreation Center, including the addition of a pool plus its associated support spaces, Weights and Fitness spaces, and an Auxiliary Gymnasium with suspended track. Over the course of the feasibility study, BRS studied two possible configurations, conceptual cost and detailed needs for each of the program areas. 

As a result of our initial cost estimates, it was determined to create two scenarios. Scenario A included all of the Town desired added programs that included: a Recreational Pool, Child Watch, Party/Classroom, Group Fitness/Dance, Weights and Fitness Equipment, Auxiliary Gymnasium and Running Track. As a more affordable option, the BRS team also analyzed Scenario B which included only the Recreational Pool, Child Watch, and Party/Classroom spaces.

In 2017, the Town of Windsor celebrated the one year anniversary of the grand opening with over 5,000 members and over 190,000 visits to the facility!