Wilmot Elementary School

Renovation & Addition

Wilmot Elementary School was an example of the popular “open-plan” pod design of the 1960s and early 1970s. The purpose of the 1997 program/concept design study was to develop a concept for the facility with the necessary infrastructure and appropriate design to respond to the changes in educational philosophy and technological advancements that had occurred since its original 1960s construction.

It became apparent that it would be more cost effective to tear down most of the existing structure and start anew. The only portions of the original school building that were preserved were the gymnasium and cafeteria, with the intention that when future funds became available they, too, would be replaced.

The new school is designed to serve the needs of young attendees for many generations to come.

Project at a Glance


Evergreen, Colorado


Jefferson County School District R-1


$5.3 Million



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