University of Northern Colorado Athletic Facilities Improvements

Feasibility Study + Design

In 2000, Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture designed a new wrestling room for the athletic department at the University of Northern Colorado. The wrestling room represents the first phase of a multiphase project to enhance the university’s position in the North Central Conference and prepare UNC for its move to NCAA Division I AA competition. It opened March 1, 2001 to host the NCAA Division II wrestling tournament. Locker rooms for women’s basketball and women’s volleyball were also completed at that time.

Phase 2 of the master plan was completed in 2003 for Butler Hancock Hall improvements to enhance the lighting, acoustics and sound system of the main arena.

BRS also completed Phase 3 of the master plan for a new athletic training complex, which includes facilities for all varsity sports. Team locker rooms, meeting rooms, coaches’ and athletic administrative offices, athletic training and hydrotherapy areas, an equipment storage/issue area, and a new 1,000-seat auxiliary gymnasium to accommodate women’s volleyball competitions and serve as a practice venue for men’s and women’s basketball are to be featured in this addition.

In June 2004, BRS completed design for a new 10,000-s.f. strength training and conditioning area as well as a sports medicine area to enhance the recruitment and retention of outstanding student athletes from around the region.

Project at a Glance


Greeley, Colorado


University of Northern Colorado


Phase 1: $2 Million

Phase 2 Butler Hancock Hall: $200,000

Phase 3 Athletic Training Center Master Plan: $20 Million (Estimated)


Phase 1: 2001

Phase 2 Butler Hancock Hall: 2003

Phase 3 Athletic Training Center Master Plan: 2003

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