The Real West Exhibit

Feasibility Study + Design

The Real West was a six-month exhibit capitalizing on the location, collections and collective expertise of the Colorado Historical Society, Denver Public Library and Denver Art Museum. As the first major effort by these institutions to develop and implement something together, the exhibit sought to reexamine and reconsider traditional Western themes and symbols based on the most recent historical and artistic interpretations of the region.

BRS was involved in the orchestration of the design team and was the primary interface with the three institutions. We were responsible for the design of approximately 6,000 s.f. of gallery space at each institution in which the exhibit was displayed, along with the development of outdoor signage and thematic components that both “marketed” the exhibit and supported the celebration of the themes depicted within.

Project at a Glance


Denver, Colorado


  • Colorado Historical Society (CHS)
  • Denver Art Museum
  • Denver Public Library


$1 Million


6,000 s.f. of Gallery Space at Each Institution



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