The Bridge Sports Complex

Competitive Athletics Facility

The Bridge Sports Complex is designed to serve as a regional competition athletics facility along with being a community asset to enhance the lives of the citizens of Bridgeport and the surrounding region. The primary function of the facility is to act as a sports tournament destination venue to attract visitors from the area and to spur economic development. Key issues considered in its design are providing great competition venues with good play areas, exceptional spectator views and access, and ease of building operations. Equally important to success is ensuring there are suitable spaces outside the competition areas for gathering, dinning, rest, and activities beyond athletics to serve the patron and guest as much as the athlete on the court, in the pool, or on the field. To that point, the facility is organized to allow for good visual access between the primary spaces through open and inviting concourses and clear wayfinding to create a comfortable user experience.

To serve community needs the building is also programmed with a variety of social and activity spaces to serve the day-to-day user and to directly improve the lives of the citizens of Bridgeport. Accompanying the sports spaces are an open fitness center, group exercise studio, clip n climb, and an elevated walk/jog track. There are also team meeting rooms that can flex as public gathering spaces. These areas combined with the sports venues create a truly multipurpose center, supporting the needs of the community.

BRS’ role as Sports Design Consultant is to help the City of Bridgeport attain the right balance of offerings to create a vibrant facility throughout the year. The building will be at the heart of the community, enriching the City through not only sports, health, and wellness, but by attracting and retaining tournaments, swim meets, and leagues. It will have individual athletes, teams, and spectators excited about traveling to Bridgeport for events, elevating its significance in the region.

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Project at a Glance


West Virginia


City of Bridgeport


  • Total Construction Cost: $38,700,000
  • Total Project Cost: $133,968


160,000 sf



Lead Architect

Omni Associates - Architect of Record

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