A beacon of hope and health.

Consistent with the City of Arlington’s goal of maximizing citizen participation in all its planning efforts, this project collected significant citizen input. These opportunities included interactive public meetings, an on-line survey and on-going comment collections via email and phone calls.

Public input led to the re-imagining of recreation services for Southeast Arlington. The resulting master plan unifies indoor and outdoor experiences at Webb Park. With sustainability, place making and community building as central themes, the new 33,600-s.f., two-level facility will perform as an ensemble of complex programs with both indoor and outdoor activities seamlessly combining social, fitness and recreation spaces.

The building has been configured to connect with Webb Park and the surrounding Southeast neighborhood. Indoor activities come into view as parkgoers arrive on site and witness the activities through abundant windows of the recreation center. The building is designed to capture daylight and also glow in the evening like a beacon to draw people to it.

State of the art construction, optimal building efficiency and a more effective, connected and dynamic master plan for Webb Park influenced the design and the project budget. The project budget of $26.1 million includes new parking, utilities, landscaping and access drives.

Some photos courtesy of Sundt Construction and The City of Arlington.




Project at a Glance

Arlington, Texas

City of Arlington, Texas

$26.1 Million

36,000 SF

Summer 2020

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