Stephen G Terrell Recreation Center

The Community Living Room

The Stephen G Terrell Recreation Center will be the newest indoor
community recreation center to offer much needed services to
the City of Allen, Texas and the broader community. The center
will bring the community together in an inclusive environment that
fosters health, wellness, vitality, and human connections.

It is envisioned that the 149,000 SF facility will serve traditional
physical recreation activity, passive community recreation
gathering, and indoor competition leagues and sports. It will also
anchor the new Stephen G Terrell Community Park which in time
will include a variety of outdoor spaces and activities, an event
lawn, and trail connections to Rowlett Creek and the broader
citywide trail system.

The overarching goal for the community recreation center is
to maximize program capabilities for the various spaces within
the center to accommodate the widest variety of activities for
the patrons who will use it. Additionally, the facilities design
is developed to allow for people to linger before, between, and
after a workout, a class, or a game. One of the primary features
during the study discussed was that the center should act as a
community living room, where gathering is promoted at a variety
of scales. Whether it is a couple of people having a cup of coffee,
a team discussing the game they played, or the large social event
at the community classrooms, the center is setup to bring people


Project at a Glance


Allen, Texas


City of Allen




149,000 SF


Spring 2023

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