Sport Haus

The home of sport.

With indoor and outdoor fields and courts for every major sport, Sport Haus will be the home for tournament and recreational play for all age and skill groups, in every major sport, all year round. Design inspiration for this project began with a simple concept – the tournament bracket. The bracket symbolizes the spirit of Sport Haus – a structure that brings together diverse groups of people to share their love of sport. Representing the potential, commitment, progression, movement, challenge and achievement that is common to all sports – the bracket is an expression of the Sport Haus experience – which is as much about the journey as it is the final outcome.

From the moment an athlete or spectator enters Sport Haus, they immediately get a sense of the whole as they move to their event. Scanning left to right they will see sports performance coaching on the turf field, baseball practice on the indoor field, gear for sale at the pro shop, restrooms, refreshments at the café, a check-in desk for the health club, an inviting welcome and information desk, the entrance to the tennis center and on-going practice sessions and games of basketball and volleyball. The Sport Haus experience is meant to be connected, where spectators are as close as possible to the action and where athletes are energized by the state-of-the-art facilities and the efforts of others all around them.

Project at a Glance


Site and Fields: 55 acres
Building: 346,000

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