Sammamish Community & Aquatic Center

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Feasibility Study + Design

Sammamish, Washington is a young community in the middle of previously-unincorporated King County. Growth in the area has occurred over the last 50 years incrementally without a master plan. Now a city, a major focus has been placed on creating community space. During the past decade, Sammamish has placed an emphasis on building a park and trail system; the next step is a community center.

Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture worked with Sammamish residents at five community workshops. We listened to citizen "hopes, dreams and fears;" developed program priorities; studied three sites for a community center in detail; prepared preliminary cost estimates; and identified a selected site for further study.

The community center will make a great addition to the selected site, which is adjacent to the existing City Hall, library and commons park. Our challenge was to create an iconic community building with a visually interesting roofscape, while preserving views of the Bellevue and Seattle skylines and the majestic Olympic range in the distance. The facility includes a variety of public-use areas, with a fitness area on the upper level, all with views to the park. The remaining fee spaces are located on the lower level with a single control point. Facility parking is in a structured garage built into the hill, with extra parking provided for existing city amenities. The upper level extends the existing plaza space to the front door of the new center.