Paco Sanchez Park

Re-imagine Play

As a consultant to Dig Studio, and teamed with design architect PORT, BRS Architecture is the architect of record for the Paco Sanchez Kiosk located in the West Colfax neighborhood of Denver, CO. The kiosk is part of an overall park renovation based on the life of noted Colorado State Legislator, Denver media pioneer and social activist Francisco "Paco" Sanchez. The park updates celebrate the namesakes love of music and broadcasting as themes for the design.

The kiosk includes Denver Parks and Recreation standard for durable year-round restroom facilities. In addition, the building also includes spaces for an outdoor teaching kitchen, an equipment checkout space for anticipated year-round artificial ice skating and other park activities, and park storage. An “S” shaped shade structure mimics the idea of flowing music and provides cover at the teaching and check out areas. The brightly colored exterior pattern of the glazed bricks is inspired by Latin American textiles. 

Project at a Glance


Denver, Colorado


Denver Parks and Recreation




September 2020

Project Map