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Metro CareRing Hunger Relief Center

Metro CareRing (MCR) is a hunger relief organization that offers urgent food assistance and other services aimed at supporting individuals and families in need. In addition to operating one of the largest food pantries in Denver, MCR provides assistance with utilities, transportation and identification documentation. Utilizing over 160 ongoing volunteers and a small paid staff, MCR provides over 130,000 services each year and continues to grow. In its ongoing effort to curb hunger in Colorado, MCR has outgrown its existing facility, where conditions are cramped and parking is limited.

MCR’s new Hunger Relief Center will be a 15,000-s.f. facility constructed on the site of the existing facility and an adjacent vacant lot. The new facility will include a reception area and welcome center, resource offices, and a self-choice market where individuals and families can “shop” for wholesome foods. The market, a retail space designed to replicate a typical grocery store experience, is supported by a warehouse area, where donated foods and materials are received, stored, sorted and prepared for display. MCR weighs all food entering and exiting the building, and scales will be provided at the warehouse entrance and the exit from the market. Participants needing education in nutrition and personal finance can attend classes on these and other topics in the healthy living and nutrition center. An administration area is provided for staff offices, workstations and the associated workroom. An adjacent boardroom serves for more formal meetings.

Site improvements include 47 parking spaces, a stormwater retention feature located beneath the parking, a loading dock for truck access off the alley, a pedestrian plaza and walkways, and on-grade raised garden beds. Xeric planning will be provided in the remaining planting beds.

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Denver, Colorado


Metro CareRing


15,000 s.f.


2014 (Estimated)

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