Greenwood Village City Hall

Renovation & Addition

Greenwood Village City Hall was located in an unassuming low-rise office building of 28,000 s.f., built in the 1970s. By 1995, the building no longer met the city’s needs and required substantial renovation and a 17,500-s.f. addition. The project had four goals:

  • Create a civic identity
  • Improve citizen orientation, convenience and service
  • Enhance worker opportunity for interaction and efficiency
  • Allow for future growth in an attractive, non-disruptive manner

The City Hall houses offices for the mayor and city manager, police department, City Council, clerk, courts, parks and recreation, and community development. A large multipurpose/training room is also included for use by the general community. A central “street” provides citizen access and an informal gathering place with daylight and comfortable seating.

Two of the most challenging tasks were to keep the building open to the public throughout the renovation and not to move people more than once. Through scrupulous planning and care, and an experienced contractor, we were able to meet the challenge.

Project at a Glance


Greenwood Village, Colorado


City of Greenwood Village


$4.5 Million



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