Grand Junction Catalyst Plan/Public Library

Feasibility Study + Design

BRS worked with Civitas Inc. and an interdisciplinary team led by Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA) to create planning strategies and conceptual designs for a three-block section of downtown Grand Junction.

The centerpiece of this project is a new 45,000-s.f. public library with mixed-use commercial components. The team investigated citizen needs and market potential for library, senior center, housing and mixed-use commercial uses to create a catalyst to encourage growth downtown. Design concepts, capital budgets, financing strategies and public partnerships were developed to achieve an outcome none of the entities would have been able to achieve
individually. Several public stakeholders were involved, including the city, county, housing authority, library district and downtown merchants.

Project at a Glance


Grand Junction, Colorado


Progressive Urban Management Associates (PUMA)


Study: 2010

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