Grand Canyon Visitor Center Orientation Theater


At the time the Canyon View Information Plaza Visitor Center was designed and constructed near the Mather Point Overlook, the park was planning to develop an alternative venue where visitors would have access to a full range of interpretive services, including a dramatic orientation film theater. Although these plans never came to fruition, there continued to be a high demand from visitors for an orientation theater and interpretive exhibits.

A 200-seat theater has been added to the existing Grand Canyon Visitor Center. The new theater will provide a venue for the new orientation film, which began production in the fall of 2009. In addition, this project allows the park to develop and install high-quality, state-of-the-art exhibits that address the park’s interpretive themes. These efforts will provide visitors with a better understanding of the park’s significance and its resources.

The theater addition includes sustainable features such as solar photovoltaic roof panels, which tie into the visitor center’s existing system, as well as a demonstration rain catchment system to supplement the interpretive landscape environments and ecosystem areas surrounding the center.

Visitors to the park are very excited about the new theater, which opened in late 2010.

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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


National Park Service


$2 Million



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