Denver Museum of Nature & Science - Technology Department Office Renovation

Feasibility Study + Design

A modern museum runs on technology. From interactive displays to emails that coordinate exhibits and inform the public, technology is crucial to the mission of any museum. Behind the scenes at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the technology department was spread out across the building - making it difficult for the department to work together or meet as a group. The museum hired BRS to help the team design an open and inviting workspace that will unite the technology department with places to collaborate, share and create.

Working closely with the department, BRS designed a solution that would remodel two spaces on opposite sides of a corridor and add a mezzanine level to keep everyone on the team together and create a unique identity for the department. The Conference Room includes a star destroyer shaped ceiling, an open office space has an acoustical cube “asteroid field” suspended from the ceiling, and the prototyping lab space has a ceiling hung rigging truss for assistance in the creation of exhibit technology.

Located on the top floor of the building, the height of the space allows for a new mezzanine to create additional workspace for the department and the addition of tubular skylights to bring in natural daylighting. The exposed exterior walls include facades of additions made to the original building in 1908, 1918, and 1928 and new finishes to make the space comfortable for modern day use.

Compare the completed photos to the virtual model we used with the client to make design decisions below:




To learn more about how we are using virtual reality in our process, check out our blog post here.

Project at a Glance


Denver, Colorado


Denver Museum of Nature & Science


4,980 sq. ft. (renovation)



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