Denver Jewish Day School

Feasibility Study + Design

The goal of the Denver Campus for Jewish Education is to provide an outstanding Jewish community day school for an integrated secular and Jewish curriculum for K-12 students. The school was designed to accommodate a student population of 610 as well as the anticipated community use of the school in the afternoons and on weekends.

The campus is a focal point in the Jewish community as a resource for Jewish learning and is designed to reflect that importance. The Campus for Jewish Education provides a warm, enriching atmosphere where people of differing Jewish observance can come together in a central learning place to pursue academic, spiritual, athletic and social opportunities.

The project began as a master plan that married two schools—Herzl and Rocky Mountain Jewish Academy—onto one campus. We developed marketing materials specifically for fundraising purposes.

The design, when all phases are complete, will provide a grouping of buildings that define a secure inner courtyard. The courtyard design represents the community of the campus, similar to a village or town square, with individual buildings representing the different entities that comprise the community. This arrangement also provides the opportunity for a sense of progression from elementary school to high school.

The courtyard will be an active space with a biblical/teaching garden and an area for graduation ceremonies, holiday celebrations, plays, and casual wandering and discovery.

Project at a Glance


Denver, Colorado


Denver Campus for Jewish Education


  • Phase 1: $7 Million
  • All Phases: $15 Million (Estimated)


Phase 1: 2002

Project Map