In the News

What’s Facing Windsor

February 28, 2018  |  

Issue of a new library to again be placed on November ballot.

City unveils art for new recreation center

February 23, 2018  |  

Details from artist Andy Dufford of Chevo Studios on the concept for public art to adorn the new Lewisville Multigenerational Recreation Center.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction Announces Grand Opening of Carla Madison Recreation Center

February 22, 2018  |  

Denver unveils the crown jewel of the City’s community recreation program.

Case Study: The Elements of Value

February 14, 2018  |  

“Many people don’t go to work on value. They go to work on other things.”

Lewisville’s multi-generational center groundbreaking set for this year

February 8, 2018  |  

City officials for Lewisville, Texas announce a 2018 groundbreaking for the new 85,000 square foot center.

CRC: A Year of a Rec Center

January 22, 2018  |  

Nearly a decade in the making, the Montrose Community Recreation Center is outperforming all expectations.

CRC: How we got here.

January 22, 2018  |  

From gathering support to groundbreaking to grand opening, the story behind the happy ending for the Montrose Community Recreation Center is a fascinating tale. 

Carla Madison Recreation Center Grand Opening!

January 9, 2018  |  

The first urban community recreation center in Colorado draws a crowd on Colfax.

See inside central Denver’s new $44 million urban recreation center

December 7, 2017  |  

Carla Madison Recreation Center, the city park system’s first truly urban facility, is set to open in January.

Kroc Omaha’s state-of-the-art expansion

November 30, 2017  |  

The newly opened expansion & renovation of Kroc Omaha has something for every generation!