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What types of ball storage do I need in my Rec Center?

What types of ball storage do I need in my Rec Center?

Explore a variety of solutions for recreation storage needs.

As recreation design specialists, there are many elements that are not common to find in other types of buildings. One of those is ball storage. Most recreation centers have basketballs, soccer balls and volleyballs available for loan, typically found behind the control desk. Depending on client preference and the number of balls that are wanted, there are some different types of ball storage that can be designed. Here are a couple of the most common options.

Dowel Ball Storage
Dowel ball storage is one of our favorites. There are different variations depending on the amount of balls, space that is available, and whether you want the balls behind doors, or exposed to the public.

Putting balls behind cabinet doors creates a nice sleek look that can fit with the rest of the casework in the space. Some choose to have solid doors, while others like to show off the balls a little with mesh inserts.
These can be designed to have a lower cabinet or drawers for storage of other items or balls such as tennis balls, ping pong balls and pickle balls.

If limited on space, they can be narrow:

Or short:

Dowel ball storage can also become part of the design and have the balls be visible to the public.

Cart Ball Storage
Cart ball storage allows for a simple yet practical way to store balls with the added flexibility of moving them to different areas of the building.

Typically, cart storage is designed to fit under a portion of the desk, so some early design is necessary to coordinate the size of cart.

Custom Ball Storage
Want a way to store your balls that really stands out? BRS can design a solution customized to your specific needs.


Posted by Ellie Lokken on June 1, 2017 at 10:30am

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