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Carrie Hadley, LEED® GA

TAXI Shopping Cart Races

TAXI Shopping Cart Races

Welcome to the community! As a new employee, I was introduced to BRS's office culture in the most unusual way: shopping cart races, hosted by TAXI's soon-to-be-largest tenant, Boa Technology.

When Mike asked me to be on the race team, I was suspicious it was some sort of intern hazing ritual, especially when he told me to bring as many water guns as I could get my hands on. As it turns out, events like this are a normal pastime in the TAXI community. As the teams assembled on a beautiful Colorado summer afternoon, I was astonished by the creativity and energy each group put into their costumes and strategies. Teams were composed of pirates, gorillas, construction workers and pool party crashers.

As the teams fueled up on a prerace performance-enhancing meal of BBQ and beer, the rules were announced:

  1. One person rides in the cart while holding two cups of water, a second person pushes, and each lap the pusher and rider must be switched out with new team members.
  2. You must get the cart over hay bales, navigate tricky turns, and avoid concrete barriers.
  3. Each time you switch team members, you must add an object to the cart (e.g., kiddie pool, door, street cone, inflatable raft, water balloon, etc.).
  4. The team with the fastest time, all objects intact, and the most water left in their cups at the end of four laps wins!*

*Judges can change rules and results at any time.

And just like that, the first annual shopping cart race was underway. Teams ran the races using a variety of techniques. Some took offensive approaches such as riding in the bottom of the cart, which seemed to deliver fast transitions, lots of cart space for objects, and lightning speeds; on the downside, they tended to spill lots of water. BRS took a defensive approach, armed with an arsenal of water guns. The goal was to ambush the competition. While opponent drivers were trying to steer their partners to safety, Team BRS drenched the opposition. Despite the fact that our team came in first in their heat, our water levels were not quite up to par with the competition and one of our objects—the water balloon—didn’t survive the race (perhaps it was thrown at the competition). Needless to say, we did not advance to the finals...

The final heat, which resulted in a tie, was ultimately decided by an impromptu dance-off and Team Zeppelin clinched the victory, barely edging out 4240 Architecture to take home the golden shopping cart trophy. At the end of the day, Boa Technology demonstrated they will fit right in with the TAXI community with their inventive competition/party (we hope it’s an annual tradition!), festive attitude, and plenty of food and adult refreshments to go around.

Posted by Carrie Hadley, LEED® GA on November 20, 2012 at 12:08pm

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