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Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Here at BRS we like to have a good time, and we feel it’s important to have a good time with our fellow employees. To help support us in our activity selection each year, we’ve formed our own in-house cultural committee to lead the charge. Now, how does one get on this committee, you might ask? The qualifying traits include fun, confident, funn-y, hip, smart and stylish.

Each year the cultural committee takes suggestions from their fellow employees and puts together a calendar of events for the year. This past year, BRSers have volunteered with the National Sports Center for the Disabled, played kickball (and even finally won a game!), camped out under the stars, and hosted a progressive dinner. But most importantly, the cultural committee plans our annual retreat.

National Sports Center for the Disabled — Soccer

Kickball 2015 — Dog and Pony Show

Camping 2015

Progressive Dinner

Each year, BRS shuts down our office for a couple of days so that all BRSers can participate in our annual retreat. It’s the opportunity for us to visit some of our projects, learn about other architects’ work, and continue to build camaraderie. In past years, retreat destinations have included Las Vegas, Durango, Seattle, BRS Partner Ken Berendt’s cabin in Leadville, Phoenix, LA and Washington DC. This year, we’re all excited to check out our new digs in Grapevine and learn more about the DFW Metroplex. Look for a blog in next month’s newsletter for a full disclosure of this year’s festivities.

What would we do without this amazing group of people? To sum it up, we’re pretty thankful to have them planning all of our social activities for the year, and they always do an awesome job! The current roster of cultural committee members includes: Katie, Marcia, David, Mick, Jen, John, Zach, Debra, Jason and Carrie. You guys rock!

Posted by Rebecca Lavezzary on October 1, 2015 at 01:18pm

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