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Mike Halliburton

Drive 2 Groundbreaking / Car Crushing Extravaganza

Drive 2 Groundbreaking

Thursday, October 10, 2013 saw the highly anticipated groundbreaking of our latest mixed-use office project, Drive 2.

Designed as a counterpart to its predecessor, Drive 2 hopes to achieve the same public acclaim and success as Drive 1, which has earned four prestigious design awards to date and counting. As per the usual groundbreaking of a Zeppelin project, there was free food by Fuel Café, free beer and cocktails flowing from Proper Pour and CapRock Farm Bar (both tenants at The Source), a live DJ and festive atmosphere. Only this time there was a new element: a proper car smashing… because what groundbreaking event would be complete without demolishing an automobile with a tractor backhoe?

You might be thinking, “What does crushing a vehicle have to do with the kickoff of a new office building project?” Aside from the fact that the spectacle gave new meaning to the term groundbreaking—the car was lifted 10 feet overhead at one point and released to come crashing down on the raw earth of the construction site—there was some symbolism at play. On the side of the matte black car were spray-painted the words, “BIKE to WORK.” The demonstration was part of the effort to revitalize Denver’s River North (RiNo) District with bike- and pedestrian-friendly amenities and to encourage community members to trade in their four-wheel rides for two.

(That, and to draw a crowd, of course.)

Check out our close-up footage from that day...

...not to mention this time lapse video below, taken from our office window (you may want to view it full-screen to see what's going on).

And go here to see the Zeppelins' operatic short film, "Bike to Work: TAXI by Zeppelin."

Posted by Mike Halliburton on October 14, 2013 at 05:31pm

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