BRS is Taking the Next Step Towards: The Future of Technology in Design

Virtual Reality Tours of Woodland Aquatic Center

Virtual reality as a tool for design and client engagement.

Virtual Reality is the latest technological advancement taking the architectural profession by a storm. This technology came to the profession in the late 1980’s and has evolved exponentially in the last 30 years to become the most impactful influence on architectural design since the introduction of BIM modeling.

Here at BRS we have begun to implement some basic virtual reality components into our design process. We created 360° panoramic views for the Woodland Park Aquatic Center that you can experience through a mobile phone, tablet or a virtual reality HMD (head mounted display). After this seamless addition to our workflow, anyone can delve into the immersive virtual world and analyze every aspect of a project.

This experience can give the designer a closer representation of how the finished space will feel and perform, giving them a clearer understanding of what they are creating so that they can convey the idea clearly to the client. From proportions to color representations, virtual reality helps bridge the gap of education and clear up miscommunication between architects, clients, and consultants that we are all so familiar with. 2D drawings can be difficult to interpret when trying to visualize the finished product.

Using virtual reality, we can greatly mitigate those big surprises that cause hesitation and design change during the construction phase and often have costly results. We have also found it to be particularly helpful when evaluating the safety of our recreational facilities and aquatic centers. It gives the designer the ability to check whether blind spots exist in the pool area or child watch zones. This creates safer spaces for children to have fun, with less risk of accidental injuries occurring in an unsupervised area.

We have only dipped our toes into this new virtual experience with these 360° panoramic views but will continue to explore and research how we can better implement this new and exciting technology into our professional practice.
Here are three 360° panoramic views of the Woodland Park Aquatic Center that is under construction and scheduled for completion this fall.





Posted on April 20, 2017 at 11:43am

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