University of Kansas Student Visit

February 3, 2017

Today BRS is honored to host a group of Architecture students from the University of Kansas School of Architecture and Urban Design. Fifteen students and their instructor, Nilou Vakil, joined our KU alumni to tour our office, get a glimpse at some of our current work, and hear what makes our firm so special. 

Steve Blackburn had this advice for the students about to embark on their career journies, ""Always keep honing your skills of persuasion, whether it be in design, writing, speaking and presenting your ideas. Use design thinking. Your persuasion equation includes empathy, (listening), defining the problem (understanding the needs of your customer), ideating a solution (design), creating a prototype (creation) and testing (asking, do you like what I have shown you?). Pay attention to your delivery, to your smile, to your body language, to the tone of your voice. You are on a mission of persuasion."

A big KU thank you for stopping by!