The CORE gets some visitors!

February 24, 2017

Lovington Class Visits The CORE Construction Site and City Facilities

This Thursday afternoon was unlike any other at The CORE’s (Center of Recreational Excellence) construction site. There was a safety briefing and luncheon, and City of Hobbs Commissioner Calderon’s class of students ranging from 15 to 18 years old from New Hope High School was bussed onto the construction site for a tour of the facility. These students were invited by Commissioner Joe Calderon and City Manager J.J. Murphy, who also accompanied them on the tour with Project Manager of Haydon Building Corp, Matt Greer. All construction had to come to a temporary pause while the class was on-site due to the safety training, and chaperones accompanied the group.

Most of the students were not familiar with what this facility is bringing to the community. As Mr. Murphy and Commissioner Calderon explained where the competition lap pool, indoor play facility, and indoor water park are being built, with an elevated indoor track wrapping throughout the facility, the students grew more and more excited. Multiple times, their faces broke into smiles and they exclaimed “I can’t wait until this opens!” One student asked if there will be a league for the soccer field, already picturing themselves playing on it. Some of their questions related to what it took to build such a facility and what types of jobs this work created. One student in particular, Oscar Salcido, is highly interested in construction as a career path and found the topics of steelwork and masonry interesting, stating, “That’s what I’m talking about.”

While walking out of the expansive facility, the students surrounded Mr. Murphy as they discussed further elements of the facility and what it will offer to the community. Students asked for links and to take photos of The CORE, as Communications Director, Meghan Mooney, told the class about options available to stay up-to-date. One of these options is The CORE’s Facebook page where video and photos updates are posted weekly. Many of the students found interest in the opportunity for employment when Ms. Mooney mentioned that this is where job openings for the facility will be posted as they are created and made available.

The class then accompanied Commissioner Calderon and Mr. Murphy on a tour of City Hall, the City Commission chambers, and the Hobbs Teen Center, as this was more than just a tour of the construction site, but an opportunity for these students to learn about job opportunities and what options are available to them in certain trade fields. At City Hall, Commissioner Calderon, City of Hobbs Streets Supervisor Anthony Maldonado, and Mr. Murphy took turns speaking to the students about life experiences, government, the importance of getting a good education, and working hard. Prior to receiving these tours and hearing from City representatives, the class toured the Dinosaur Discoveries exhibit at the Western Heritage Museum and was provided with a meal at El Mirador by Albert Caballero, a former student of Commissioner Calderon.

The City of Hobbs looks forward to educating more of the community’s youth on The CORE and the family enjoyment they will be able to gain at this facility, whether it is a place to practice a sport, gather with friends, or be employed. City Manager, J.J. Murphy, stated, “This was a great opportunity to give a tour to a group of youth, and it was actually a last minute decision which we jumped at and Haydon was great at keeping it safe and making it possible at the construction site. So often, we try to reach the youth through recreational programs, seasonal jobs, community events, and education. We thank New Hope High School and Commissioner Calderon for allowing the class to visit the construction site and be so engaged into what is going on in this community. We encourage more youth to be engaged by requesting CORE construction site visits and attending Commission meetings, following our social media outlets to stay current with news, and be overall active citizens.”

Finally, any school or civic group that would like to schedule a tour can contact our Communications Director, Meghan Mooney, at