Project Update: Montrose Community Recreation Center

January 27, 2015

Three basketball courts, two racquetball courts, an indoor track, a climbing wall, a fitness center, and three indoor pools will serve all ages and help promote a healthy lifestyle for the community. The running track offers three different circuits for training- a standard flat track, a hill track that gently climbs and falls 8’-0” every lap, and a “mountain” track that utilizes stairs. This will be the first recreation center that BRS has designed on the western slope of Colorado in over eight years!

The architecture of the center draws inspirations from the history of the city as well as the location, which is home to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The exterior features a dark slate colored stone with veins penetrating to the interior much like the veining of the Black Canyon. As guests are welcomed into the building they are greeted by a large trestle bridge suspended over the front desk. This walkway resembles a railroad bridge which is a common sight in Montrose–as the city was born around the railroad.

We hope to have the building open by the end of 2016!