Moorhead: A Center of Community, Wellness and Connectedness

November 24, 2015


Recently in our office Zach Bisek, Jesse Sherr, David Boyles and Chris Nelson constructed a full-scale mock-up of a climbing rope wall divider screen for the Moorhead Recreation Center renovation. The divider screen is intended to provide a physical barrier around the gymnasium while still maintaining the visual connection throughout the facility. Additionally, it will serve as a means to further incorporate some of the exterior design themes into the interior.

The mock-up consists of static climbing rope woven through hardware connected to a metal and wooden frame. The team is currently exploring different patterning in the ropes geometry to create an abstraction of a waterfall, a reoccurring element reflected in various scales throughout the building. The wood and metal frame is currently to support the pattern study. Future connection and tensioning details will be explored once the designed pattern is established.

The concept for the rope divider screen involves a number of different panels standing approximately 11’ high and 70’ long. The Moorhead renovation project has given us an opportunity to test out some new ideas and uses for materials, and we can’t wait to see how this creative concept comes to life in the building!