BRS Starts the year with four new hires

January 31, 2016

DENVER, CO, January 31, 2016 – – The Denver-based firm has added four more full-time employees to start off 2016. BRS is proud to introduce our newest hires: Caitlin Milligan, Janine Glaeser, Melissa King, and Lisa Jorgenson.

If there is one thing in this world that Caitlin loves, it's information. She’ll take it in any form you’re willing to give it to her. When she’s not working on models at the office, she’s elsewhere reading historical novels, watching documentaries or writing theses just for kicks. Her specific historical interests lay in western expansion of the United States following the Civil War, especially the founding of Denver during the 1858 Gold Rush. Other activities she enjoys are running, watching movies, going to concerts and spending time with her family.

In her previous years, Janine worked on a topsail schooner known as The Schooner Wolf in Key West. Pirate turned architect, her passion lies within building strong, resilient communities. Whether it’s helping an organization build resources for their community, or helping a community rebuild after a natural disaster, that’s where Janine’s heart lies. When she’s not participating in disaster relief work, you can find her trail running, biking, drinking craft beer or writing her blog. Yeah, she’s got a blog.

Melissa has always been a pursuer of the arts, studying fashion design early on in her career and eventually moving into architecture. Translating conceptual ideas into real world built projects is a process that she thoroughly enjoys. When Melissa isn’t dabbling with drawings and models in the office, you can find her redecorating a room, enjoying a cold brew while playing with her pups, or studying for her ARE’s.

Lisa fell in love with architecture for its ability to affect people emotionally and enjoys the wide variety of emotion that buildings can instill. Architecture, no matter the style, always has a different story to tell. Outside of the office, Lisa enjoys reading, knitting, yoga, and hiking. A creative project Lisa is pursuing in her spare time involves drawing floor plans of every place she’s ever lived. The project serves not only as a collection of familiar spaces, but as reminders of where she’s been.


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