BRS Adds Four in the Denver Office

July 31, 2015

DENVER, CO, July 31, 2015 – The Denver-based firm has added four full-time employees, bringing the firm's total to 44. The combined talent of our two new project managers and two new designers is a vital addition to support Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture's expanding workload.

Meet our newest hires: Bill Clifford, Stephen Berlin, Chris Nelson and Luke Audo.

Blending creativity with science and engineering, architecture has been a true passion of Bill’s since he was a wee lad. His passion is fueled by the fulfillment he finds in seeing his ideas come to life–his imagination becoming a permanent part of a community or environment. Aside from being a rock star of an architect, Bill can be found in the great outdoors hiking, golfing and skiing. Speaking of skiing, Bill taught the sport for 15 years at the National Sports Center for the Disabled where he has worked with a variety of disability groups including those with learning disabilities, wheel chair bound individuals and the blind.

This isn’t Stephen’s first time at the rodeo, architecturally speaking. At the ripe age of 32, Steve started his own architecture firm from scratch with three other partners–at the beginning of a recession. He may be a bit of a risk taker, but he always takes the time to think his options through, especially when it comes to putting the puzzle pieces of a project together. Stephen has always been eager to learn what makes things tick and how everything works in unison, which ensures that he is a good fit for BRS.

Chris has an eclectic spectrum of hobbies, ranging from building anime models and dabbling with 3D printers, to anthropology and travel, to playing soccer and other adventure sports like snowboarding and rock climbing. Even though his interests are strewn all across the board, his peak interest revolves around the way things are put together–hence his devotion to architecture.

An admirer of understanding and a lover of learning, Luke enjoys reading and participating in bar trivia when he is not at the office. Luke discovered his passion for architecture at the age of twelve, when he was helping his uncle–who was an architecture student at the time–build models. Apparently it runs in the family.


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