Mikala Casillas

Mikala Casillas - Accounting & Project Administrator

Accounting & Project Administrator

Mikala loves putting together puzzles and is good at finding needles in haystacks - a perfect combination when accounting for architects. She is passionate about her family and making sure the people around her are happy. When she's not busy keeping her BRS family happy by making sure we all get paid, you can find her gardening in her backyard, camping somewhere off the beaten track or jumping off a cliff (even though she is terrified of heights).

Fun Facts About Mikala

Favorite City

San Francisco

Favorite Movie

Drop Dead Fred

Favorite Music

Everything from Garth Brooks to Metallica except opera or jazz

Favorite Place To Be

Stagecoach Reservoir in Oak Creek, CO

Bucket List

  • Travel to Rome
  • Climb a mountain
  • Learn to dance

Talk to Mikala


303.455.1366 x159