Mia - Floor Sanitation Specialist

Floor Sanitation Specialist

Mia had a quick stint in Kansas before moving out west to Colorado to become a Mountain Puggle. She has conquered many long hikes and camping trips in the wild and believes nothing is better than scrambling up some rocks. When she gets back to the city, she spends most of her time napping, thinking about her next meal and getting in a good game of frisbee. Although she doesn’t have the best office etiquette and is constantly trying to steal treats from their rightful owners, she loves hanging out with her human and dog coworkers at BRS.

Fun Facts About Mia

Favorite Food

Anything anyone gives me, but a cheese and carrot connoisseur at heart.

Favorite Toy

Frisbee. Frisbee. Frisbee.

Funniest Trait

Knocking on conference room doors.


Squirrel stalking, part-time guard dog.

Favorite Games

Frisbee, Tug-of-war, and looking for food on the ground.

Professional / Community

Dog Referee

Someone has to keep those puppies in line.