Clyde - CPA - Cute Pup Amusement

CPA - Cute Pup Amusement

Clyde loves being the center of attention and brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the office. He is a true companion dog and enjoys being around people and activity all day.  His favorite games are fetch and tug of war, but sometimes he would rather you just chase him around. His hobbies include snorting, begging for treats, checking out other dogs and traveling. He enjoys being on the road with his humans and has visited seven states in four years. He loves to snuggle and will cuddle all of your troubles away.

Favorite Food

Steak or hamburger


Little Guy, Bubba, Fat Bat, Nugget, Potato

Funniest Trait

Smooshy little alien face and big eyes

Favorite Games

Fetch and tug of war