Clyde - Associate, Office Greeter/Security Guard

Associate, Office Greeter/Security Guard

Clyde is a master of canine dexterity. No opposable thumbs? No problem. If there's a dog treat within smelling distance, he'll open any drawer, hurdle any barrier—even pick any lock to get it. Among Clyde's other human-like traits: impeccable public speaking skills. Granted he tends to repeat himself, but boy can he project his voice! Just step foot in our office and you'll see. For this reason, we've made him our full-time office greeter and security guard.

Fun Facts About Clyde

First Tricks

Sit and speak (the latter of which I've honed to perfection)

Coolest Trick

Uncanny ability to open drawers in search of dog treats

Favorite Activities

Walks, hikes, and going to work



Favorite Things in the World

Soft stuffed animals, rawhide bones (I can be a little protective of these), and trash!

Clyde's Activities


  • Barkaholics Anonymous
  • National Association of Rawhide Bone Lovers
  • American Society of Canines for the Destruction of Stuffed Animals
  • American Kennel Club
Clyde's Education

Big Brothers Organization

He'll train your puppies better than you can.

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