Angel Treviño

Angel Treviño - Designer


Angel realized architecture was his calling in his first studio class. A field that takes advantage of his abilities in art, math, and science; and allows him to bring to life projects that are successfully designed to meet the client's vision.

Working in the industry since 2006, Angel has acquired the skills needed to manage multiple projects at once, implement new standards and technology to accelerate project timelines, and maintain the highest levels of service for clients. He comes to BRS with a diverse skill set and the passion for going above and beyond expectations to meet deadlines and satisfy our clients.

Fun Facts About Angel

Moonlighting as

A professionally trained stand-up comedian, award-winning furniture designer, and sometimes Superman.

Outdoor Activities

Getting lost in nature, hiking with his girlfriend and two dogs, and downhill mountain biking.

Indoor Activities

Entering furniture design competitions, learning new design skills & technology, and watching movies on Netflix.

Paranormal Activities

Angel loves to know more about things that go against mainstream science like ancient aliens, bigfoot, ufo’s, paranormal activities, time travel, astrophysics etc… If it’s weird, I am all about it. My girlfriend hates it.

Bucket List

1. Complete the Architectural licensing process

2. Mass produce his product designs

2. Become a space tourist

Angel's Education

Arizona State University

Masters in Architecture

University of Texas - San Antonio

Bachelor of Science - Architecture

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